Bearing the tools of their trade like badges of honor, a human reaches into a small compartment on his belt. He withdraws a small, cube-like mechanism. It glows with glowing, shifting words of power as he throws the module in front of his comrades. The cube lands, quickly growing and creaking as it takes the form of a four-legged, flame-spewing turret and engulfs his enemies in a crimson jet of searing fire.

A technusan leaps down from the chapel's roof, landing the thirty foot drop on a set of powerful, hydraulic legs as the King's assassins bear down upon him with a barrage of missile fire. Reacting quickly; the technusan draws a hand across a module on their chest and a field of energy engulfs the area around him, sending the arrows into disarray. A hand stretches out to his assailants and his entire hand breaks back into four equal pieces. From within his arm comes a spinning, whirring cannon. Panic ensues as the assassins break formation to save themselves from the mechanist's ballistic barrage.

An old, long deactivated construct rests along a far wall in a dark, empty tunnel. The young gnome runs up to it and inspects it, Her grease-covered fingers smudge her chin as she rubs it in contemplation. She brings out her trusty tools and begins her work. Lights begin to flash and old machinery stir once again to life. They function now for a singular purpose: to serve their new master.

Mechanists are masters of the mechanical world. They form a network of enthusiasts who have perfected their craft to an absolute art, blending pure scientific know-how with small doses of animation magic. Whether summoning modules to aid them on the battlefield or taking it one step further and mechanically augmenting their own bodies, mechanists control the battlefield with an assortment of shields, guns, and a tactical, intuitive mind.

The Mechanist's Level Progression Edit

Level Proficiency Bonus Module Points Features
1st +2 1 Mechanist Training, Mechanical Proficiency
2nd +2 1
3rd +2 2 Upgrade
4th +2 2
5th +3 3
6th +3 3 Upgrade
7th +3 4
8th +3 4
9th +4 5
10th +4 5 Upgrade
11th +4 6
12th +4 6
13th +5 7
14th +5 7 Upgrade
15th +5 8
16th +5 8
17th +6 9
18th +6 9
19th +6 10
20th +6 10