In the beginning, there was nothing but the swirling ether of oblivion in the plane of Hemos. A vacant space in the vast nothingness that made up the multi-verse of Nephrim, the domain of Drakusatheon. Worlds were created when gods petitioned to Drakusatheon and gained the favor of the Great Nothing. They must then make the harrowing venture into the heart of Nephrim, The Isle of Cantus. There, they would pay tithe to him, and if this pleased him, they would be allowed space to create a world of their own.

One such god was Elonia. Accompanied by her husband Garand, she offered Drakusatheon something very precious to her; an ivory comb which had been given to her by the All Mother, Alastora. Pleased; Drakusatheon gave unto her the plane of Hemos with which she could do as she wished. The only stipulation would be that her people would be made to know of him, and offer him tribute as well. Elonia agreed, and upon leaving The Isle she approached the empty space of Hemos. She willed forth the Black Portal, and began to call upon allies from the worlds beyond to aid in the creation of her world, all of which she would allow to reside in her realm for their assistance.

The first whom she called for was the great dwarf, Ironstout. With his large, strong hands and masterful touch, he shaped the planet and pounded upon the soil with his tankard. He hammered out the mountains and gave birth to the land. When his work was done, he retreated into the core of the planet and created the great elemental lord Nyx, who would heat the core and melt the earth around him to create vast rivers of magma. He was The First Flame.

Then was called Ikan, the great eagle god of the sky. With a mighty beat of his wings, Ikan created the vast sky that would stretch over the world. He painted the sky blue, his favorite color. His winds rushed between Ironstout's mountains and created deep valleys. They carved the way for rivers and lakes, and worked the fine details that the great dwarven god's mighty tankard could not. Ikan chose to live in the sky on an island realm he named Ventus.

Then was called Levinas, the giant manta ray goddess of water and wife of Ikan. She swept over the world and flooded the entire surface. The waters fell away over the course of a century, making the land furtile and smoothing the features of the planet. When the waters were finished their work, they retreated to the oceans and lakes made by Ikan. Their children became the rain, and she resided with her husband upon Ventus.

Then was called Nalia, the quiet centaur goddess of plants. She strode across the entire surface of the planet. Forests would grow in her wake, and bathe the land in a lush, verdant blanket of new life. Her children became the Elves, and they would be the most elder of races upon the planet and would be blessed with a lifespan of a thousand years. When her work was complete, she retired to The Eternal Grove, where her children would join her at the end of their lives.

Then Elonia would create man and beast, as well as the beastkin who would be their brothers. She blessed her and Garand's children, the Humans, with the ability to thrive and flourish no matter where they found themselves, that they would live in all corners of the world. She also gave man dominion of the beasts, but not of their beastkin brothers, who would live freely as they would. She and Garand then retreated to the Isle of Antiquity, and lived there with other elder and beast races.

Then was called Elonia's sister Helys, the raven goddess of Death. Where their was life, so too must there be death. Helys saw to it that as living creatures were born, others would die, and thus the planet would be healthy. Helys then created Acre Dairkiv, the World Beyond. Acre Dairkiv would exist opposite of Hemos. Helys then created Atg Maanm, which would serve as the threshold between Hemos and Acre Dairkiv. This boundary, which would be called The Weave, would also serve to create the force known as "Magic".

Last were called the Three Great Dragons. Ezlabeth the Greater created the sun, which would give light to the world and heat for the races of man and beast. Theos would create the night, which would give the world respite from the harsh rays that would destroy them without. Finally; Lun'nas the Lesser created the moons, Algas and Limnas. Their work done, Elonia paid them each with an heirloom treasure, and bade them return to their worlds. Ezlabeth was given a creation known as "Gold", with which Ezlabeth could bring the blessing of trade to his people. Theos was given the creation "Silver", which would protect his people from the lyncanthropic terrors that haunted the night. Lun'nas was given the creation of "Onyx", a void-like stone that no light could penetrate, fitting for one who governed the darkness of midnight.

When the three departed, Elonia's perfect world would be created. It would remain as so for many centuries, until a fateful event would change her world, and the multiverse, in ways never expected.