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  • edit Helys
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
  • edit Hemos Wikia
    edited by FandomBot diff
    Summary: Removal of a deprecated <hero> tag
  • edit The Mechanist
    edited by Athaegeon diff
  • new page The Mechanist
    created by Athaegeon
    New page: The Mechanist's Level Progression Edit Level Proficiency Bonus Module Points Features 1st +2 1 Mechanist Training, Mechanical Proficiency 2nd...
  • new page Tassur
    created by Athaegeon
    New page: Greater Deity Symbol: A fiendish mask with two tusks and black eyes. Home Plain: The In-Between Alignment: Indeterminate Portfolio: Keeper of...
  • edit Nalia
    edited by Athaegeon diff
  • new page Nalia
    created by Athaegeon
    New page: Intermediate Deity Symbol: An great oak tree. Home Plain: Santi Arba, the Eternal Grove Alignment: Neutral Good Portfolio: Plants, Nature,...
  • new page Morrigan
    created by Athaegeon
    New page: Lesser Deity Symbol: A black snake wrapped around a skull. Home Plain: The Black Cauldron, a sub-space to the southeast of Magos Alignment:...
  • new page Krys
    created by Athaegeon
    New page: Lesser Deity Symbol: A six-sized snowflake, three prongs at the end of each branch. Home Plain: Hemos, wanders the Plains of Strife Alignment:...
  • edit Lun'nas
    edited by Athaegeon diff

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