Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A raven with a sickle in its talons.
Home Plain: Acre Dairkiv, the World Beyond
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Death, The Afterlife, Final Rest
Clergy Alignments: Any Lawful
Domains: Law, Magic, Repose
Favored Weapon: Scythe and Sickle
"All that lives must die, and all who face their Final Death must remain dead."
- Helys to her followers

Helys is the goddess of Death, and twin sister of the goddess of life Elonia. She most commonly assumes the form of a raven, and the animal is thus regarded as her harbinger and is treated respectfully throughout the realms. The likeness of the raven appears on or above the gates of most graveyards and is also carved upon most headstones. It is believed by doing this, Helys will safely guide spirits through the Gate of Rest and to their destined afterlives.

Helys is not seen as an evil entity, but rather a necessary one. She maintain the balance of living and dead in the realms, and sees to it that the dead remain as such. While she does not forbid resurrection from the school of Conjuration, she abhors raising the dead through necromantic means. Helys knows the time and date that all mortals face their Final Death, which is described as "when a mortal creature's body has run it's full course and can no longer sustain Elonia's gift." Normal means of resurrection cannot effect those who have died of old age, but necromancy can overthrow this balance and sustain the body beyond even this divine threshold.

Lanthra Aluviri Edit

Conjuring more reverence than fear, the 9th day of the 9th month is set aside across the realms as Lanthra Aluviri, or the Night of Spirits Return, where a grand festival is held in Helys' honor in hopes she will reach into the dreams of all goers that night and allow the living to speak with their departed loved ones from beyond the Weave. A raven is chosen and is treated as the guest of honor for the entire festival and is given various offerings of valuables, food, belongings of loved one's lost, and has numerous performances done in its honor. On the third and final night of Lanthra Aluviri, the raven is released to fly back to Acre Dairkiv and speak with Helys on the town's behalf.

Dogma Edit

Helys loathes the undead and those who practice raising these fowl creatures. Due to this, she is diametrically opposed to Syn the Corpse God, and Morrigan the Serpent Queen. She encourages her followers to leave the dead at rest. Though she does not disallow resurrection through Conjuration or other natural means, she absolutely forbids the use of Necromancy to bring the dead back to life and enslave them against their will. She blesses her clerics with necromancy she approves of, which include spells to slay the living, speak with the dead temporarily, and preserve bodies.

Clergy and Temples Edit

Many cities have priests of Helys who act as undertakers and are called upon to give the dying their last rites. Temples of Helys are referred to as Aviaries, and serve not only as chapels to host funerals, but also serve as shelters and nursing grounds for ravens and other birds. All Aviaries also have a graveyard on site.

Aside from the churches, there are scattered chapter houses for the paladins of Helys. These paladins seek out those who enslave the dead and punish them with a swift death of their own. They also hunt out those who evade their final death through necromancy, most commonly in the form of tracking down and hunting liches.